In All Seriousness

Margaret Cipriano

After Cy Twombly’s Untitled 1985
Cy Twombly Gallery, Houston 

Head full of fishes. 
Someone says complicate the blue. 
I do. I do. I do. 
Ceremony at the electric zoo, it’s all romance 
and small umbrellas. Holding 
hands by the pond. Understand this: the child with butterfly 
wings wandered off alone. The sky holds 
up a sign that says Save Me. 

                                                  I haven’t seen my 
face in years. Once, I read How to be Tender 
from cover to cover. It made me feel 
like meat with eyes, sizeable fists. Hey, I’m a well 
-trained vertebrate. Today the fishes say you first. Around the edge, 
they flicker with a sick, green gleam. 
Famous striptease, I’m in love! Here’s 
a promise that will get you going: there’s a tiny place for you, if you can 
find it. The door’s got a broken clasp. 
Something will get out. Something will get in.