30.1 - Winter/Spring 2018

2017 Gulf Coast Prize

  • That Boy Could Run by Rudy Ruiz (Fiction Winner)
  • The Weather Underground by sam sax (Poetry Winner)
  • The Peacock and the Bell Captain by Spencer Wise (Nonfiction Winner)


  • Nisa at the End of the World by C Pam Zhang
  • The Horse Latitudes by Shena McAuliffe
  • Quality of Life by Patrick Nathan
  • God is Not Flesh, But Air by Brandon Taylor 



  • Threesome with Sea Monsters and Theft by Jayme Ringleb 
  • Exegesis as Self-Elegy by Derrick Austin 
  • Punch Drunk by Eloisa Amezcua 
  • This is Your Mother Calling by Kathryn Nuernberger 
  • To Defend Ourselves Against a Mermaid by Tayna Skarynkina, transl. by Natalie Truman 
  • Two Poems: How Many Nests of What & Word by Ellen Doré Watson 
  • Black Male Privilege by Randall Horton 
  • Billie Holiday never met Miss Chiquita (Banana) by t'ai freedom ford 
  • field notes [after craters of the moon national monument] by Miriam Karraker 
  • Fable #2, Fable #28, & Fable #580 by Hervé Le Tellier, transl. by Cole Swensen 
  • False Hemlock by Timothy Liu 
  • In the Months After We Come Home From the Hospital Empty-Handed by Chelsea Dingman 
  • Kids Under an Umbrella by Saksiri Meesomsueb, transl. by Nof Anothai 
  • 15 [the feminine house] by Cristina Rivera Garza, transl. by Julia Leverone 
  • Selections from Destruction of Man by Abraham Smith 
  • To the Next Supreme Justice, by Cara Dees 
  • No One by Molly Brodak 
  • It's all fun and games until someone gains consciousness by Franny Choi 
  • Lines of Defense by Erin Lynch 
  • higher calling by Quraysh Ali Lansana 
  • Dar a Luz by Jasminne Mendez 
  • Airplanes His Personality by Shari Caplan 
  • from houses | stripped by Paola Loreto, transl. by Lawrence Venuti 
  • Fragment: Small Talk on Melancholia by Cynthia Cruz 
  • The Hour of the Eagle by Kim Yideum, transl. by Jake Levine 
  • Terms of Venery by Micah Bateman 
  • Face by Kim Hyesoon 
  • Together and Far, Far Apart by Muriel Leung 


  • Homily by Kevin Callaway
  • On Chickens by Lily Hoang
  • American Gothic by Molly Gallentine
  • In Any Direction, Only Water by Gena Ellett 
  • Steal this Bull by Amy Miller