27.2 - Summer/Fall 2015

2014 Barthelme Prize

2014 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation




  • On Modeling and Mortification by Rachel Howard 
  • Whistle by Larence Lenhart 
  • The Emptying That Fills by Gary L. McDowell 
  • Which I Have Loved Long Since, and Lost Awhile by Jaren Watson 
  • Niners by Tyler McAndrew 
  • Neon by Maybylee Chai 


  • In the Garden of the Body by Talia Mailman
  • Brutal Business: Coming of Age in 1970s Houston by Adrienne G. Perry
  • Odd Splendor by Natalie Diaz, Tarfia Faizullah, David Tomas Martinez, Roger Reeves, Alan Shapiro (Interview)


  • As It Happens: Tracking Down Chitra Ganesh by Sharon Butler
  • The Library as Installation by Raphael Rubinstein 
  • Off the Shelf: A Conversation with MANUAL (Ed Hill / Suzanne Bloom) by Juliette Bianco (Interview)